Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Below is a current list of all the things that I would like for my personal music collection. A bit rate quality of 192 kbps or higher is preferred. I am constantly adding things to the list, so check by here for new updates! Happy browsing!

LAST UPDATED: April 1, 2017

$cenic-Aquarius (1999)
*Various Artists-Italo Boot Mix 2006 (2005)
*Various Artists-Liquid Trance: Gabiel (1999)
*Various Artists-Play It Again Vol. 3 (2006)
*Various Artists-Pure: The Sound Of Wellness (2006)
*Various Artists-The Karate Kid Part III: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album (1989)
*Various Artists-The World Of Chillin' Lounge (2002)
2BE3-Remix Collector (1997)
3 BELOW-Falling [SINGLE] (2000)Complete 2-track single with the song "Straight Up" on it.
3 THE HARD WAY-Old School Prankstas (1995)
3NITY-3Nity (1998)3NITY is a Filipino OPM band.
3RD NATION-One Nation (1991)
3SL-Standing You Up (2002)"Standing You Up" is a song from 3SL's single, "Touch Me Tease Me".
4 MANDU-Baby Don't Go [SINGLE] (1996)
4 MANDU-This Is It [SINGLE] (1995)
4:AM - Wake-Up Call [SINGLE] (2005)Complete 2-track single by this boyband from The Netherlands.
7TH HEAVEN-Hot Fun [SINGLE] (1985)Complete 2-track single with "More Fun In The Sun".
8TH OF MARCH-Believe (2002)8TH OF MARCH, sometimes spelled '8-OF-MARCH', is a Filipino boyband.
Antony Costa-Half The World Away [SONG] (2007)Need a good quality version of the song.
AT LAST-A Holiday Gift [SINGLE] (2002)
AT LAST-Driven [EP] (2002)
AT LAST-The Arrival [SINGLE] (2003)
AVENUE-To Love Somebody [SONG] (2008)
B.A.D.-Music For The Digital Generation (2000)B.A.D. is a boyband from Taiwan.
BACKSTREET BOYS-Box Series Set (2015)
BED & BREAKFAST-Deep In My Mind (2000)Germany released.
Billy Crawford-It's Time (2007)
Black Diamond-Keep On Movin' [SINGLE] (1995)The complete 4-track Maxi single is preffered, although any one will do.
Black Diamond-Rise Up [SINGLE] (1997)Any of the 3-track singles will do just fine.
BLUE-Missing These Kisses [SINGLE] (1990)
BODY BASE Feat. Alexander Thompson-Crying In The Dark [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 4-track Maxi-single.
BOYS WILL BE BOYS-Boys Will Be Boys (1992)BOYS WILL BE BOYS is a Filipino boyband.
BOYSTEROUS-Up & Down [SINGLE] (2003)Complete 4-track Maxi-single.
Camen-12 Twelve (1998)
Catalin Bota-The Music Of The Night (1998)
CDB-Back Then [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 4-track single containing the song "Sanctified".
CDB-Hey Girl (This Is Our Time) [SINGLE] (1994)Complete 5-track single containing the song "Break Of Day".
CDB-Hook Me Up [SINGLE] (1994)Complete 5-track Maxi-single containing the song "2 Nite I'm Yours".
CDB-Let's Groove [SINGLE] (1995)Complete 4-track single containing the song "You Will Be Mine".
CDB-P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (2009)Single
CDB-The Funk Sessions (2009)
CHALLENGE EXPERIENCE-Turn Around (Reach Up) [SINGLE] (1999)
CHANGE OF HEART-50 Feet Up (1986)
Christian Wunderlich-Reflections (2000)
CONSOUL-Alright [SINGLE] (1997)CONSOUL is a Swedish boyband.
CONSOUL-Eye Of The Tiger [SINGLE] (1999)CONSOUL is a Swedish boyband.
CONSTRUCTION-My Heart Is Always Open (1996)
CONSTRUCTION-Sex Is Like Fire [SINGLE] (1992)
COOL NEW SOUND-Missing You [SINGLE] (1992)Complete 4-track single.
COOL NEW SOUND-Tell Me Why [SINGLE] (1993)Complete 2-track single.
Corey Haim-You Give Me Everything [SINGLE] (1995)
Corey Hart-Third Of June [Boomtang Remix] (1996)Bonus track from Corey's 1996 self-titled album.
CYBORG-Moments In Love [SINGLE] (1995)"Cyborg" is the moniker by a DJ named Michael Baur.
D.J.-Kiss On My List [Maxi-Single] (2001)
Danniebelle Hall-The Best Gets Better (1995)
DATA DRAMA feat. William Naraine-You Are In My Mind (1991)
Des Mitchell-The World Is Yours [SINGLE] (2000)
DOUBLE DEE Feat. Danny-Can You Feel It? [MAXI-SINGLE] (2001)
DOUBLE DEE Feat. Danny-You [MAXI-SINGLE]-You (2000)
DOUBLE DEE-Body Music [MAXI-SINGLE] (1993)
DOUBLE DEE-Come Into My Life [MAXI-SINGLE] (1995)
DOUBLE DEE-I'm In Love [12" SINGLE] (1996)
DOUBLE DEE-Love Nobody: The Remixes (1994)
DOUBLE DEE-The More I Get, The More I Want [MAXI-SINGLE] (1992)
DREAMLOVERS-I Can See Clearly Now [SINGLE] (2002)Complete 3-track single containing the songs "Drumculture" and "Thank God I'm In Love".
DTU-My Broken Heart / Open Your Eyes [SINGLE] (1991)
DUTCH CREAM-Crowd Vibe (1997)
DV8-Who's Normal? (1994)
E.Y.C.-Ooh Ah Ha (I Feel It) [SINGLE] (1995)
E.Y.C.-The Way You Work It [SINGLE] (1994)
EarthTONES-These Darn Hoodlums! (5 Guys, 49 Toes, What The…?) (1992)
EMOTIONS-Live (2004)This is a live album by the legendary sister trio famous for "Best Of My Love".
EROS-Enamorada (2001)Features the vocals of Richard Darbyshire of LIVING IN A BOX fame.
ESPRESSO-Espresso (1990)
ESPRESSO-Espresso 2 (1993)
ESPRESSO-Tears And Escapades (1996)
FANCY FREE-Fancy Free (1989)
FASTFORWARD-Fastforward (2002)FAST FORWARD is a Filipino boyband.
Faydee-Psycho [EP] (2011)
Faydee-Say My Name [EP] (2011)
FORMULA-Genuflect (2001)FORMULA, also known as 'FOURMULA ONE', is a Filipino boyband.
FOURCE-Fun, Fun, Fun (2004)Compelte promo single.
FOURCE-Wouldn't It Be Nice [SINGLE] (2003)Complete 2-track single.
Frank Bruno-Eye Of The Tiger [SINGLE] (1995)Complete 3-track single.
FUNKY WHITE DEVILS-Devilicious (1998)
Gary Pinto-What The Day Brings [SINGLE] (2001)Complete 5-track single containing the song "Moma Don't Worry".
Gary Portnoy-Theme From T.V. Show "Cheers" (Where Everybody Knows Your Name) / Jenny (1982)The original two-track single containing the song "Jenny".
Georgee-Groove Me (1993)Complete 4-track single ith "Specially" on it.
Georgie Porgie-I Believe In Love (2009)
Gigi D'Agostino-All Stars Presents: Gigi D'Agostino (2002)
GIRLS TO GIRLS-Jump (2001)
Glenn Medeiros-ME (2003)
HALO JAMES-Could Have Told You So [SINGLE] (1989)Contains the songs "Promises" and "Well Of Souls".
HALO JAMES-Magic Hour [SINGLE] (1990)Contains the song "If Tomorrow Ever Comes Around".
Hap Palmer-Getting To Know Myself (1972)
HI-5 - Hi-5 (2004)
HI-5 - Soebat [EP] (2003)
HI-5-All The Best (2008)
HI-5-Celebrate (2002)
HI-5-Hi-5 Holiday (2003)
HIP HOP BOYZ-5+ (Remixes & English Versions) ‎(1998)
HIP HOP BOYZ-Say That Word [SONG] (1998)This song appears on the compilation "5+ [Remixes & English Versions]" from 1998.
IDOLZONE-Highlights (1997)TECHNOBOYZ are a Eurodance group from the Czech Republic.
IDOLZONE-Idolzone (1996)IDOLZONE is a Filipino boyband.
IMPACT-Cherish [SINGLE] (?)IMPACT is a Belgian boyband created from the original members of GOOD SHAPE.
IMPACT-I Want You [SINGLE] (1998)IMPACT is a Belgian boyband created from the original members of GOOD SHAPE.
IMPACT-U R The Real Thing [SINGLE] (1998)IMPACT is a Belgian boyband created from the original members of GOOD SHAPE.
IN PARALLEL-Reduced To Tears [SINGLE] (1984)
INNERLUDE-Something About My Girl (2004)
JA'A-Fading Out The Song (2000)
Jamie Stevens-The Wizard's Call (2001)
Jamie Stevens-Unbreakable (2002)
Jean Bosco Safari-Private Revolution (2008)
JEREMIAH-Heart And Soul (1998)JEREMIAH is a five-piece Filipino boyband.
Jermaine Stewart-Set Me Free [ALBUM] (1992)According to sources, this album currently has never been released.
JETS-Love People (1995)
JETS-Make It Real [SINGLE] (1988)Complete 4-track single.
Kaas feat. William Naraine-Everybody's Got To Love Someone (1996)
Karo-Destiny (2003)
Kellé Bryan-Breakfast In Bed (2001)Unreleased.
KIDi-Just Kiddin' (1999)
KILLER SHADOWS-Beat It [SINGLE] (2000)Complete 4-track single with both the 'Guitar Mix' and 'Dance Mix' of "beat It", plus both versions of "Fuzz".
Lars Jones-Raindrops To The Desert (1996)
LFO-Life Is Good [Japanese Bonus Tracks Edition] (2001)Contains the bonus tracks "Hooked On You" and "If I Learn To Fly".
LFO-The Dome [SONG]
LIQUID SKY-House Nation [Maxi-Single] (1993)
LOJAC-Soul Supplied Freedom (2007)
LOOSE TALK-Loose Talk (1992)
LOVE SOLUTION feat. William Naraine-I'll Be Over You [SINGLE] (2002)
MALICIOUS feat. Kenny Thomas-You Don't Know [SINGLE] (2000)Complete 4-track single.
Mandoza & Danny K-Same Difference (2005)
MARKS & HENRYS-Jill (The Making Of...) (1994)Complete 4-track single.
Marky-Compact Disco (2001)
Marque-Fonkononia (1997)
Marque-Transparent (2004)
Marshall Jones-I Burn (1988)Complete 4-track single.
MASTER B.-So Far Away [SINGLE] (?)Complete 4-track single.
MENUDO-Sons Of Rock (1988)
Michael Damian & Indra-Reggae Life (1999)Complete 2-track single.
MK Featuring Alana-Surrender [U.K. VERSION] (1995)This version contains four extra tracks: "Games", "Hot Stuff", "Only You (Remix)" and "Always (Helicopter Dub)".
MONROES-The Monroes (1982)Self-titled album by the American band.
NATURAL EX-Straight To Bed [SINGLE] (2006)Complete 2-track single.
NATURAL EX-Two Of A Kind [SINGLE] (2007)Complete 9-track single.
N-Dre - Don't Leave Me Now [SINGLE] (2000)Complete 3-track single.
N-Dre - Lessons In Love [SINGLE] (1999)Complete 4-track single.
Nerco-Little Taste Of Paradise (1997)
NEW GENERATION-Love Songs For You (1995)
NO AUTHOITY-One More Time [SINGLE (1998)Complete 2-track single containing instrumental version.
NO AUTHORITY- Up And Down [SINGLE] (1998)Complete 3-track single containing instrumental version.
NO AUTHORITY-Can I Get Your Number? [12" SINGLE] (2000)Complete 4-track single.
NO AUTHORITY-Don't Stop [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 6-track single containing the 'Maurice Joshua Dance Remix'.
NO AUTHORITY-What I Wanna Do [SINGLE] (1999)Complete 3-track single.
Noel-Hearts On Fire (1993)
NOWAY-Come Back To Me (1997)Complete 2-track single.
OCTAPPELLA-The Voice (2000)
ONE-One More Chance [SINGLE] (1996)Complete 4-track single by this boyband whose "One More Chance" was featured on the compilation "MTV Most Wanted Boys".
ORANGE BLUE-Heaven Was Her Name [SINGLE] (2002)
OTT-All Out Of Love [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 3-track single containing "Love Is Burning Deep In Me".
OTT-Forever Girl [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 4-track single containing "Kiss N' Tell".
OTT-I Can't Give You Anything But My Love [SINGLE] (1996)Complete 2-track single containing "Temptation's Mine".
OTT-Let Me In [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 4-track single.
OTT-Promise Me [SINGLE] (1995)Complete 3-track single containing "Drop In The Ocean" and "Love Is Burning Deep In Me".
OTT-The Story Of Love [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 4-track single.
OVERGROUND-Der Letzte Stern [SINGLE] (2004)Complete 4-track single witn English version of "The Rain".
OVERGROUND-Schick Mir 'Nen Engel [SINGLE] (2003)Complete 4-track single containing "Wonderful Christmas Time".
OVERGROUND-This Is How We Do It [SINGLE] (2004)Complete 6-track single.
OVERGROUND-With A Little Help From My Friends [SINGLE] (2004)Collaboration with BRO'SIS and PRELUDERS.
PARIS-Romantic Dance (1993)
PAST TO PRESENT-September [SINGLE] (1996)This is the rare single of their cover of EARTH, WIND & FIRE's hit.
Paul Kazan-Miracle Street (1994)
Paul Kazan-Stay (1992)
Paul Laurence-Haven't You Heard? [Remastered Edition] (2011)
Paul Laurence-Underxeposed [Remastered Editiion] (2015)
PET SHOP BOYS-About (1997)
PLEASURE BEAT-Hand In My Pocket [SINGLE] (1996)Features Canadian singer Sheree Jeacocke.
PLEASURE CENTER-You've Got It All Wrong [CDR SINGLE] (2007)
PLENTY-A Taste Of Plenty (1997)
PROVIDENCE-Providence (1996)PROVIDENCE is a Spanish boyband.
Ray Hayden-Say That You'll Stay [SONG] (1996)
REtroSPECT-REtroSPECT (?)REtroSPECT is a Filipino pop trio.
Richenel-Statue Of Desire (1985)
Robert Earl Wilson-Never Give Up (1991)
Rod Michael-My Prerogative [SINGLE] (1999)Complete 5-track single with "Greatest Love Of All".
Ronni Simon-Take You There [MAXI-SINGLE] (1994)Complete 7-track Maxi-single.
Sid Haywoode-Boogie Oogie Oogie [SINGLE] (1988)Three track-version that contains the song "Second Time Around".
SKREAM!-Day In Day Out (1995)
SODAPOP-(You're My) Angel (2003)
SODAPOP-End Of The Road (2004)
SODAPOP-It Must Be Love (2003)
SPLASH-European Boy [SINGLE] (1987)
SUNNY SIDE UP-A Small Price For Heaven (1998)
SUNZET-Sunzation (2000)
Taylor-D - Black And White (1990)
Tequila-Cover Me!! (Excuse Me While I Dance!!) (1997)
TIMES TWO - Hi-Fi & Mighty (1994)
Tony Bishop-Give Me The Nite [SINGLE] (1998)Complete 7-track single.
TOUCHÉ-Dinner In Heaven [MAXI-SINGLE] (1999)
TOUCHÉ-I Can't Get No Sleep [MAXI-SINGLE] (1997)
TOUCHÉ-I Want You Back, I Want Your Heart [MAXI-SINGLE] (1997)
TOUCHÉ-This Goodbye Is Not Forever [MAXI-SINGLE] (1998)
TWO PEOPLE-Heaven [SINGLE] (1987)Complete 3-track single with "Run To Him" and "Broken Arms".
TWO PEOPLE-Mouth Of An Angel [SINGLE] (1986)Complete 3-track single with "Let's Raise Murder" and "Dig It".
U-NIT feat. Charles Simmons-You [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 4-track single with "Everlasting Fire" on it.
UNIVERSAL-Kill The Pain [SINGLE] (1998)
VALAHIA-Why? (2000)
VISITORS-Jazz [12''] (1988)Complete 3-track single by the Swedish synthpop group containing the song "Movin' Uptown".
VOLT-Modern Times (1993)
William Naraine-It's The Summertime/'88 To Mandela [SINGLE] (1988)
William Naraine-Let The Sunshine Flow [EP] (2012)
Willy Morales-Going Back (1992)
YELL 4 YOU-Girl (I Need Your Love) [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 5-track single.